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Attachment Maintenance Tips From A Dealer of John Deere Crawlers

Flint Equipment Company has a team that specializes in heavy equipment including John Deere Crawlers. Below are some excellent tips on how to reduce your costs by maintaining your attachments.

Hydraulic Hammers

Complete a Routine 3 Part Inspection

  • Look for leaks in the fittings or hoses of your attachments.
  • Before using, check for cracks in hoses and make sure that shielding in place. Check for loose fittings and contaminants.
  • Double check critical points to ensure there is lubrication and everything is functioning properly.
  • To remove dirt, sand or other contaminants do a power wash on the attachments.
  • Check the locking mechanism to make sure it is functioning properly. Inspect for damage after changing an attachment.

Best Practices

  • Weekly or every ten hours, inspect the retaining pin and tool
  • Monthly or every fifty hours, check the tool shank as well as the bushings, to see if there is any wear
  • Check out hydraulic hoses every fifty hours
  • Annually service hammers or do it every 600 hours
  • Keep the ends of hydraulic hoses out of the dirt

Buckets & Teeth

Before using, make sure to check the following parts of your bucket:

Mounting Hinges

  • Look for cracks. Little cracks can turn into much larger cracks quickly - get these fixed immediately after identified.

Front Leading Edges and Corners

  • Check to see if they are thinner than before or if there is any cracking. If yes, the corners could be re-plated and thickened to prolong the life of the bucket. If the bucket goes unchecked, the corner might fail during intense digging and the bucket edge could potentially be torn entirely, which would lead to a replacement.

Bucket Edges

  • If you spot signs of distress with a bucket that has reversible edges, consider rotating them.

Bucket Teeth

  • If you rotate teeth consistently they will last much longer. Corner teeth generally wear faster - adjust their position to the center to lengthen their life. There are many types of teeth that can be placed upside down lower edge teeth will wear much faster and when turned over the teeth will wear more evenly.

Lost Teeth?

  • Having a full set of teeth is very important, because if used without a full set of teeth the adapter nose will wear away and when new teeth are installed the contact will not be good.

Are These The Right Bucket Teeth?

  • Double check to ensure that you have the right teeth for the job.


  • Make sure everything is greased correctly. Add lubrication directly into the bucket pin locations. Applying lubrication is the cheapest way to maintain teeth.

Always inspect pins and bushings for wear

  • Worn pins & bushings add more stress to machines, and quickly lead to expensive repairs when this goes on too long.

Flint Equipment Company is a dealer of John Deere Crawlers and we offer the best product support possible to our customers. Click Here to view our John Deere Equipment.

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