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Tips For Transporting Equipment Like John Deere In Albany GA

Transporting heavy equipment like John Deere Equipment In Albany GA can sometimes lead to fatal accidents and itís important to follow these safety tips.

Make Sure The Driver Is Rested

Operators must be rested and need to take breaks throughout the transportation process. Hot days can be even more dangerous and to avoid heat fatigue, workers should dress appropriately for the temperature.

Hire a Vehicle To Pull the Trailer

Select the best transportation to pull the heavy equipment trailer. For example, it is better to use a pickup truck for light weight equipment, but large heavy equipment requires a commercial vehicle.

Drug and Alcohol Free

Equipment should not be transported by someone intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. In addition, those who are prescribed medications that could impact their ability to control heavy equipment should not participate in the transport process.

Use Signs For Safety

Use signs that signal to other drivers on public roads that you are a Slow Moving Vehicle. The sign is an equilateral triangle that should be able to be seen from 1,200 feet away.

Inspect the Taillights

Your trailers must be wired to deliver the appropriate signals during transportation so that they will blink correctly when moving into new lanes. The equipment also must have lights on at all times during the transport process.

Make Sure the Soil Is Able To Support The Load

It is important that the soil is compacted well in order to transport the load safely. If not prepared correctly, this can lead to instability during transportation which can cause the equipment to slide off the trailer. If you are moving John Deere Equipment In Albany GA the load needs to be secured properly so that it does not slide from the trailer. There should be a minimum of four securing devices put in place before the driver transports the equipment. Loads that are not properly secured can also be hazardous when unloading the equipment as well. Machines can slide off during the unloading process and injure the workers. Prior to loading or unloading, everything must be inspected.

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