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Safety Tips For Operators Dealer of John Deere in Atlanta

To reduce injuries due to operator mistakes, we recommend following these guidelines. Contact a John Deere Atlanta location nearest to you for all your safety equipment needs.

Three points of contact

Entering and exiting equipment is the number one reason for injury. Make sure you have three points of contact with your machine when entering and exiting.

Maintain pins and bushings

Pins and bushings are capable of loosening over time, which can cause serious safety hazards. Make sure to consistently tighten and replace pins and bushings.

Secure a swing radius

Mark off a swing radius with the help of a spotter and keep pedestrians safe.

Be confident in your surroundings

Make sure to use your mirrors and use a spotter, to help keep centered on ramps.

Understand the limitations of your machine

Equipment can fall over, even on flat surfaces. Make sure you are aware of all of the capabilities of your machine. If you make it up a slope, this doesn’t mean that you will also have the ability to make it back down.

Be Cautious When In Reverse

Wide angle mirrors are excellent to use whenever for minimizing blind spots. Know your machine’s perimeter and if needed, step out of the cab to make sure you see everything.

Use a seat belt

Always make use of your seatbelt or harness, even if the cab is closed.

Lock your controls when leaving a load

As defined by OSHA - Any lifted load or object is subject to the lock-out/tag-out procedures. Make sure your controls are locked when a load is left suspended.

At Flint Equipment Company, we offer the best product support possible for John Deere in Atlanta. Our staff has the experience to provide knowledgeable recommendations for your jobsite equipment needs. Click Here to contact us!

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