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Theft Prevention Tips From A Dealer Of John Deere in Columbus GA

Many precautions can be taken to prevent equipment theft. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) claims that annual losses from heavy machine theft are as high as $1 billion. The costs related to theft include machine replacement, temporary rentals, wasted time dealing with the law and adjusters, additional labor costs because of downtime, and added costs because a project is is delayed.

Flint Equipment Company is a dealer for John Deere in Columbus GA and below are some of our tips on how to prevent theft and secure your equipment.

Prevent Theft with Site Security


  • Setup fencing to surround the worksite. The fence is best when made of see-through material like chain link fences, so that potential thieves can be spotted from the outside.
  • Make sure the fence is 8 feet high with posts.
  • Make sure to install barbed wire or razor tape as well.
  • Conduct fence inspections and repair any damage as soon as it is identified.


  • Post "Warning" signs around the exterior of your jobsite. Highlight laws that trespasser are breaking and the potential penalties that could be enforced.
  • Use warning decals on the equipment and register each machine in a national database for law enforcement.


  • Each gate should have a padlock.
  • If it is possible, maintain only one entrance and exit to the worksite.


  • Place lights throughout the property and on the exterior to expose dark areas.
  • It is important to frequently inspect the lighting and fix any bulbs that burnout.

Flint Equipment Company is a dealer of John Deere in Columbus GA and we offer the best product support possible to our customers. Click Here to view our John Deere Equipment.

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