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John Deere in Grovetown GA Dealer with Coolant Tips

Coolant Tips

Coolant is critical for a machine’s cooling systems to avoid corrosion, cavitation, freezing and rust. An occasional coolant analysis will help you identify important information regarding the health of your equipment.

What To Search For When Buying Coolant

  • Double check to ensure the coolant you buy for your diesel engines says that it is ASTM standard D-6210.
  • It is recommended that the coolant be prediluted, so there is no reason to add water. Deionized water is best.
  • Select an antifreeze type, try not to mix it with other types, and follow the recommendations for maintenance suggested for that coolant.

Maintenance Tips

  • Occasional visual test. Inspect color — It should be clear, this means there is no rust present and that it has not mixed with another antifreeze type.
  • Test additive concentrations accompanied by a coolant analysis test. This is accomplished by submitting a sample for analysis. The suggested test interval is 1,000 hours.

Flint Equipment Company is a dealer of John Deere in Grovetown GA and we offer the best product support possible to our customers. Click Here to view our John Deere Equipment.

We have proudly been a John Deere distributor for over 40 years and are committed to providing superior customer service and product support.

Wherever you see action, you'll see Flint providing the power & support to get the job done. If John Deere makes it — we rent it, sell it, finance it, insure it, service it and provide parts for it — all over the Southeast.

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